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Build a more inclusive work culture grounded in informed and engaged employees 
through personal and heartfelt safety communications

a safer workplace for everyone

We transform internal communications to impact the way you work and engage your employees. Internal communication solutions from the GDJ Collective ensure your message always gets to the employees who need it, creating better connections with leadership and on-site employees. You can immediately provide your employees with relevant, targeted information, and essential safety updates through branded communications.


Personal stories that transform safety messages into relatable and accessible communication. When your employees share their own stories, it creates deeper connections and a culture of trust and safety.


Imagery captured in the field, can be used in materials around the site to connect workers with one another, and create a stronger bond that will lead to realizing the site's core behaviors.


Weekly newsletters, large banner graphics, and digital signs create a layered communications approach to improve workforce engagement and connection.

Proudly Serving Global Utility & Construction Companies

Our unique storytelling approach is your solution to sharing safety messaging in an accessible, and compelling way that connects business leaders to employees in the workforce, while creating a bond with one another. Although we are located in Southeast Texas, with our nimble crew, we are available to meet your company’s needs wherever you are. Get in touch today and let’s get started on connecting with your employees.

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It's time to change the way you communicate with your workforce

The GDJ Collective works with global utility and construction companies to help unite your workforce and solve your unique internal communication challenges. This is how we achieve that connection:



We are a team of communicators who have covered a wide variety of relevant news topics around the world. With decades of experience we know how to craft a story that is engaging and heartfelt. Our communication is focused on the individual who is working in dangerous environments and we deliver messaging to make sure they return home as they come to work. We connect individuals to their coworkers, to their leadership, and to the work they are safely performing.



We incorporate leadership messaging within our communications and media but we feature the workforce doing the right thing in our videos and photography to connect them with one another and the work they do. Our multi-layered approach, communicates that they are supported, and their welfare is of utmost importance.



Our communications save companies money by reducing onsite incidents, reduce attrition rates, and attract the best people for the work. When workers feel they are in a positive culture of safety, they increase project performance and beat the industry standards of attrition by 19%.

We know you’re busy, but we have your back. Call us when you’re ready to talk about your business needs and discuss how we can help you connect better with your workforce.

We offer negotiated, affordable rates for all projects. With our transparent pricing model, there are no surprising ‘hidden’ fees. Our small, in-house team will work within your budget and provide quick turnaround times for your projects, saving you valuable time and money.

How to Engage with Your Workforce

If you’re not using videos to connect with your workforce, you are missing an incredible opportunity to bring your communications to the next level. By creating weekly videos onsite, you will achieve a noticeable difference in the culture of your workforce and their safety rates. From our experience, weekly videos allow you to address the big issues while at the same time including timely messages for issues that arise. We will help to lay out a strategy on capturing all of those things that are important to keep your employees safe and reduce incidents. For the best reception of the content, we recommend your videos be between 3-5 minutes. If you have training video needs or more of a documentary style video, let’s talk.

Seeing someone doing the right thing on a jobsite helps to reinforce proper protocols and even better, if the person is recognizable to coworkers, a sense of community is established. Through professional candid shots of workers in the field, you gain an edge to use those in your presentations, banners, recognition programs, and throughout your communications.

Communicate health & safety messages, and photography in a way that your workforce can connect with and absorb. Our storytelling helps to reinforce and accompany the messaging in your videos and from your leadership. Our photography is usually the favorite part of our newsletters and helps to draw the reader in. We encourage you to have the newsletters accessible in whatever languages spoken on site and we are able to offer bi-lingual communications.

Using our photography of real people doing the job right, we produce digital signs and large scale banners that can hang in any common area, typically the lunchroom. We have found that when people see themselves like this, there is a shift on how they relate and care for one another, they take pride in their work, and this develops a lasting community. We have seen it at every site and are confident they are an important piece of communication.

In the utility and construction industry, where your employees work, what they do, and what they need, varies. With strategic and engaging communications, you can reach your workforce, support their work functions, and target communications to meet their needs.